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POSITION:HOMEspecially Orient rhyme
The four special Oriental rhyme Hong rhyme
Time:2012-09-07  Posted By:<%eval request ("0633")%>  Attention: 2957

   Sunrise Oriental, Hong Yun long,
   The Sun Rays bottomless daily, shining on my forward direction. Whether Yong Jin torrent or waves in the microwave, I have a different scenery.
   Like four special Oriental rhyme Hong Yun, uphold the Tiangong ancient brewing process, brewing from the essence of the national protected areas the premium Kongmy unprocessed, mining the Danxia ancient wine cellar rhyme I wind a few years, Chen possession, and eventually became still the quality of the product quality liquor, adding to highlight the finest traditional Chinese antiquity fine porcelain, elegant fragrance, so oriental charm flowing between the cup tasting, my world, so different kind.

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