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The four special Oriental rhyme country rhyme
Time:2012-09-07  Posted By:<%eval request ("0633")%>  Attention: 2766

    The rhyme flow Eastern country rhyme flying
    Current ability to change the world, but the world has begun to seriously listen to the voice of China. The rhyme flow Oriental Coinfamily flying.

    Five thousand years of vicissitudes, stands the Oriental always straighten proud chest. Whether historical changes or Years went by and the enterprising spirit of self-reliance still spirited.

    The four special Oriental rhyme Coinfamily, uphold the Tiangong ancient brewing process, brewing from the national protected areas the premium Kongmy unprocessed essence mining the Danxia ancient wine cellar rhyme I wind few years. Possession, and eventually became Shangpin super the quality of the wine, adding to highlight traditional Chinese antiquity's finest fine porcelain oriental charm, so elegant fragrance flowing between the cups, tasting, my world, so kind.

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